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The Great British Rock & Blues Festival

The Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Skegness.

Friday 20th – Monday 23rd January 2017


Stages & Times


Reds (Blues Stage) Centre Stage (Rock Stage)   Jaks Bar (BLUES MATTERS)   Skyline (Breaking Out)


Friday Friday   Friday   Friday
Doors 7pm Doors 7pm   Doors 7pm
Skegness Blues Harp Explosion. Presented by Giles Robson and his band.
4 – 4.45pm GT’s Boos Band
8 – 9pm Giles Robson Band 8 – 9pm Sugar Man Sam & The Voodoo Men 8 – 9.30pm Fran McGillivray Band
 5 – 5.45pm Tom Walker Trio
9:45-11:45pm Giles Robson Band ft. Magic Dick, James Harman, Billy Branch 9.45-10.45pm

Eric Sardinas

10.15 – 11.45pm

Husky Tones

6 – 6.45pm Leeds City Stompers
12.30-2am The Revolutionaires
11.30-12.30am Snafu 7 – 7.45pm Backwater Roll


Saturday Saturday   Saturday   Saturday
Doors 12pm Doors 12pm   Doors 12pm    

Martin Harley


The Texas Flood

12.45 – 4pm

ROADHOUSE Jam Sessions


Nine Below Zero


Helen Hardy Band

4 – 4.45pm Matt Edwards Band
5 – 5.45pm Southbound
Doors 7pm Doors 7pm   Doors 7pm
Alligator Records Blues Spectacular with Bruce Iglauer introducing each act and a Q&A with audience. 7:15-7-45pm (End time not to be guided) 6 – 6.45pm Amy Eftekhari
8 – 9pm

Marcia Ball

7.45-8.45pm Steve Boltz Bolton and Dead Mans Corner 8 – 9.30pm Catfish
7 – 7.45pm Bourbon Street Revival
9.45-10.45pm Moreland & Arbuckle 9.30 – 11pm Kenney Jones & The Jones Gang 10.15 – 11.45pm Dom Pipkin and The Ikos
11.30 – 12.30am Toronzo Cannon 11.45-12.45am Leafhound 12.30 – 2am LaVendore Rogue


Sunday Sunday   Sunday   Sunday
Doors 12pm Doors 12pm   Doors 11.30am
12.30-1.30pm Lil Jimmy Reid 12.30-1.30pm The Rainbreakers 12 – 1pm Michael Woods
 3 – 3.45pm The Zoe Green Band
2.15 – 3.15pm  Dave Kelly & Paul Jones 2.15 – 3.15pm Popa Chubby Band 1.30 – 2.30pm 

Jo Ann Kelly

4 – 4.45pm Lol Goodman Band
3 – 4pm Kent Duchaine
5 – 5.45pm Wang Dang Doodle
Doors 7.15pm Doors 7.15pm   Doors 7pm
 6 – 6.45pm Greg Coulson
8 – 9pm David Knopfler Band 8 – 9pm Laurence Jones 8 – 9.30pm Roadhouse
7 – 7.45pm Elles Bailey
9.45-10.45pm The Blues Band 9.45 – 11pm Joanne Shaw Taylor 10.15 – 11.45pm Will Johns and Friends
11.30-12.30am Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective 11.45-12.45am Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel 12.30 – 2am

Kris Barras Band